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Songs for the Eye only at 

Verity's Lie Newest MP3 Album Released Date August 5th, 2014 Only at
Track Listing:
1 Tone of Sound and Color
2 Spark Of Creation
3 Eye Sees Sound
4 Goose Bumps
5 Songs for the Eye
6 He's Better
7 I Was Something
8 Open Brain
9 Unscripted
10 The Big One
11 End of Everything

Finishing up an Album Podcast

The new Album Songs for the Eye is almost ready.  Keep checking the, ,page and get ready to download it soon.   There are no plans for a CD release so plan on enjoying these new songs on MP3 downloads.  Other previously unreleased material is also ready to see the light so keep an Eye out for new songs.  
  1. The Big One

June 20th & 21st  

Verity's Lie has 2 shows this weekend.  On Friday 6/20 we will be at Roy's By the Tracks and then on Saturday we play the late show with local Rocker's Shiva Stone.

 On Saturday any of you in your mid 30's from the Washington PA area, should stop by the Smiling Moose in the Southside  and yell, "Play some Charkra !!!!!!" since Fulton, Cory and X-ian will be in the same room.

Tickets are $8 at the door and here:

Make sure you go to and listen and download our new song "The Big One" we will be performing it for the 1st time this weekend.

Also Happy Birthday to Josh and Rocky

Couple more songs 

Alright the Olympics are over, back to work.

Just added some more Tracks to our "New Album 1" at  This album is a collection of B,C,D sides over the years that didn't make it on other albums mainly because they are too noisy, weird, or heavy.   If you want to help us out in finishing theses albums, feel free to download what we have so far.

And keep checking our MEDIA/MUSIC for other songs as well.

Updates on Eric 

Updates on Eric from Rachel's Page for the last week:2/5/14 So we've been keeping this largely under wraps for the past 6 months (due to keeping involved parties anonymous, etc).....but today we can finally announce to the masses that, thanks to an indescribably amazing friend, Eric is getting a kidney today!!! Both donor and Eric are in the OR as I write this. I will post with updates as things progress. Good vibes and thoughts for both of them please! (Also, for those who know his donor, please keep them anonymous on social media in regards to this. Thanks!)

2/5/14 Eric is finally done with surgery, and all went very well. He is being stitched up and sent to the recovery room soon. Kidney appears to already be working for him.

2/6/14 Slight complication last night with the the kidney, but it's a pretty common one apparently. They had to open him back up to fix it. Poor loopy Eric....two full anesthesias in less than 24 hours! All appears to be going well again now, but he's in the ICU for a little bit for close monitoring. Donor has been up and walking around, doing well, and is set to go "home" (nearby hotel) today with a lot of very nice pain meds. 
Wonder if the hospital would mind hooking me up to a caffeine IV in the ICU next to Eric when I'm done with work? If those even existed, that would be awesome. Anyone who encounters me today.....please excuse my zombie-ness!

2/7/14 Eric is still in the ICU. Was supposed to get out last night, but he has apparently developed a hefty fever and pneumonia due to 1) being massively immunosupressed right now and 2) having two rounds of anesthesia in a row (which apparently doesn't do lungs too many favors). Currently having an antibiotics party, and the fever is coming down. Thankfully, his kidney is still going gangbusters, and doing fine.

2/9/14 Still battling the pneumonia, but Eric is doing slightly better every time I see him. He is rocking 3 IVs with various meds, including antibiotics from time to time. Sadly, this dang pneumonia is the only reason why he's still in the hospital. Doctors believe that he probably aspirated some fluid into his lungs while being extubated after surgery....and the pneumonia took advantage of a weak immune system. The kidney is doing great, and he likely would have been discharged today otherwise. He's got his morphine button, which keeps him happy and sleepy for now. He can have visitors....but he's not exactly the conversationalist at the moment.

2/11/14  Happy Birthday to Eric! He was feeling a ton better yesterday, and eating a lot. So he will likely move to a regular patient room for the night tonight, and then hopefully will go home tomorrow if all is well. He definitely got the best gift ever this year!

- Eric's awesome nurses just came in and sang happy birthday to him. So sweet and thoughtful! 

2/12/14 Eric is finally an outpatient. Home and resting. He now takes 19 different medications daily, most of them multiple times a day. He is a "walking Walgreens"!