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Couple of Tunes 

Just added to the VL Music page is "Out of Time" written and recorded 10 years ago or more, maybe 2004 ish?  
Dan was listening to the Ramones Tribute album; and had some Lyrics written from college, maybe 1996.  Fulton played some drums and Sang it, his way.   Dan didn't like it and Sang it his way.  And like a Reese's Cup, Mark said put them both together.    

Also added to the VL Music Dance & Remix Album is 2 new tracks.  "Float your Goat" and "Rehabilitative"

Don't Forget Meredith is Jetting in from Cali to do a show with us in the Burgh.  Event page if you've saying "Whaaaaat??"

THIS SATURDAY the BUFFALO BUFfalo buffALO will be playing a show,  once again Event page if you haven't been keeping up.

SHOW announcement!!!!!!  

May 19, our friend Meredith McHenry will be in town for a one time show, DO NOT miss it if you are in driving distance from Pittsburgh.  Check out our event page for details.  And Check out for her music.

Enough is Enough 

New song finished on our VL Music page in the Rock album section. "Enough is Enough".
  Dial up your PayPal and send us a George and you can own it for yourself.  More to come soon here at VL . COM including the anticipated new Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo album, so keep on checking on.

Rocky Youhon EP 

Rocky Youhon of Verity's Lie and The Shelf Life String Band has been recording an EP, get ready to hear some hot fiddle licks?

Check out Rocky and the Rest of Bluegrass pickers at 

New full length SHOW 

New /Old full length show will be posted on the Verity's Lie YouTube page soon. In the mean time check out a souped up clip,....... as soon as it's done rendering.

Music Education 

Tonight's Music Education night is a Movie entitled We Don't Care About Music Anyway. We Don't Care About Music Anyway... - Trailer: